The Affliction of Love

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The Affliction of Love

Post  Celena_J on Tue Aug 05, 2008 6:25 pm

The Affliction of Love

Hardly any little
darlings, come over to us. Of
having seemed to be hurt or maybe they are
dreaming of times so past

that they sound like tiny lullabies.

Have you thought of keeping
me in tight, holding arms of lying inside me
right by the pain? But something that

you couldn’t come to relate. Never you’ve
been like that, how I feel that reality comes
into parts. Soft little face, huge brown eyes

uncover the surprise that eyebrows comprise.
Longing to be held, so soft, but never even there. Beating
hand on your heart and the affliction of love.

Sickling in the things that tie me in so many miles
closer to you. Open up your wides, pupils
dilating to take in the very first, who came this

close to melt your loving heart.

Same old stuff, maybe?

LOve, Sel.


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